Homeless Prevention

The term “homeless” can conjure up images of people on the street; there because of addictions or mental illness. But being homeless is actually much closer to our realities than you may realize.

One or two paychecks can make the difference between keeping your home and losing it. A short term illness, a layoff or high utility bills can put some families in dire straights. Valley Charities uses grant funding and it’s network of organizations to help keep families in their homes where they belong.

If you find yourself in a situation where losing your home/residence is imminent, you can contact one of the agencies listed below to see if you qualify for assistance.


Organization Phone # Location
Access Alaska 907-357-2588 Wasilla
Alaska Family Services 907-746-6273 Palmer
Blood-N-Fire Ministries 907-864-0463 Meadow Lakes
DayBreak, Inc. 907-746-6019 Palmer
Family Promise of Mat-Su 907-357-6160 Wasilla
Salvation Army of Mat-Su 907-745-7099 Palmer
Valley Charities, Inc 907-354-4660 Wasilla
MyHouse 907-373-4357 Wasilla


Homeless Prevention Program Services


Homeless Prevention Services actions taken to prevent persons who are in imminent danger of becoming homeless from losing their permanent residence. This may include payment of past due rent or mortgage; payment of delinquent heating fuel or electric/gas utility bills. In most situations deposits are not funded.


Housing Permanent Placement Services actions taken to assist homeless persons to obtain permanent housing by helping with first months rent. In most situations deposits are not funded.


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