Board of Directors

Valley Charities, Inc. (VCI) is a non-profit charitable organization established in the late 1950’s to serve the residents of the MatSu Valley. We are best known for the work that is done through our turn-A-leaf Thrift Stores. All proceeds from our Thrift Stores stay in  the MatSu Valley to support our neighbors. Our Durable Medical Equipment Lending Programs and Merchandise Voucher Programs are growing steadily each year. We passionately work alongside other MatSu organizations to help bridge the social and financial gaps facing local families. Our programs include Housing Assistance with a focus on preventing homelessness in our area; Re-entry program supporting public safety through enhancing the well-being of former prisoners by assisting them to become successful citizens in our community. Our Board Members oversee the stewardship of assets relating to the Thrift Stores, Durable Medical Equipment, Social Service Programs, and an Endowment. The VCI Board sets the mission, vision and direction for our stores, and the out-reach programs that provide life changing opportunities for our neighbors in the Mat-Su Valley.


To advise, govern and oversee policy and strategic direction, and to assist with the leadership and general promotion of Valley Charities, Inc. to support the community’s well-being.


• Define and oversee the mission of Valley Charities, Inc. and keep it relevant to the needs of our community
• Approve programs and services and monitor their effectiveness
• Provide strategic guidance to Valley Charities, Inc. Executive Director
• Select, support, and evaluate the Executive Director
• Ensure financial solvency and help raise resources
• Ensure continuous Board improvement
• Participate in at least one fundraising / promotional opportunity
• Commit to attend bi-monthly Board Meetings, to be held the first (1st) Thursday as follows; August, October, December, February, April, and June.
• As specified in the Bylaws, Directors serve a 6-year term, unless filling a Board vacancy. Board members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.


• Attend, prepare for, and participate in meetings on a regular basis and as defined in the Bylaws.
• Participate on at least one committee per term
• Be alert to community needs and concerns that can be addressed by setting VCI goals and objectives, developing services and programs, and continuously improving operational performance.
• Help communicate and promote Valley Charities, Inc. mission and programs to the community
• Become familiar with Valley Charities, Inc. finances, budgets, and financial/resource needs
• Understand the policies and procedures of Valley Charities, Inc.
• Make a financial gift of a “personally meaningful amount” to Valley Charities, Inc. each year of Board Service.

Our Board Culture

Our Board Members are residents of the MatSu Valley area. The Board cares deeply about our community and the help we offer to those residents. Our Board members live here and work here and see the positive affects VCI has.

Diversity, why it is important to our Board

It's hard to serve people from all walks of life if you do not have representation from a variety of areas on your Board. With diversity in our Board, we share a wide range of experience, perspectives and ideas that blend to make us stronger and better able to serve our community.

Would you like to join us in our Mission “Enhancing our community’s resources, health and social well-being through our work and partnerships”?

We invite you to attend one of our Board Meetings and meet members. Please email for an invitation and to address any questions you might have about Valley Charities, Inc., and our programs.

Thank you for your interest in Valley Charities, Inc. and our MatSu community.

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