Keeping our Communities Safe

We work alongside Mat-Su organizations whose members passionately support increasing public safety through enhancing the well-being of former prisoners by assisting them to become successful citizens in our community through the Mat-Su Reentry Program.

This voluntary program focuses on reducing recidivism among those people who are coming out of the prison system and returning to our community. The value of offering this program is that it enhances public safety while also helping former inmates a smooth transition back into our community.

Reentry programs are available throughout the state of Alaska via the DOC program in conjunction with the Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) from their Parole Officer.


A screening interview is required before an appointment can be scheduled. Please call a Reentry Manager | Coordinator to determine if placement would be available.

Once offender is approved for the program and is eligible a Case Management Plan will be developed. Program is a six-month commitment. Once completed they are given a discharge plan to help navigate any other resources. If the offender is incarcerated, the case manger can come in and assist with release planning.

For request for Screening Interview please contact:

Brian Galloway, Reentry Case Manager